We have California-compliant equipment!


Don’t let summer heat slow you down — keep your business cool with Portable Air Group.


Portable Air Group is here to help you keep your business running efficiently.


Let us help you solve air management problems in computer rooms, on assembly lines, and in offices.

Are spot cooling and heating issues a special problem? Call us. We have solutions.

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Your HVAC system not keeping up?

Don’t replace the entire system…purchase a portable unit.

We are one of the largest nationwide distributors of portable climate control products, featuring brands like KwiKool, MovinCool, and OceanAire portable spot coolers, heaters, and air cleaner machines.

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Have an emergency?

Need to temporarily cool, heat, or clear the air?

We have one of the largest inventories of portable spot coolers, heaters, and air cleaner machines that can quickly be rented and installed anywhere in the United States.